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A new ride for the New Year! A customer brought by this Tahoe for us to sell for him. We were a little hesitant due to the miles 156k. But this is one of the cleanest, well maintained pre owned vehicles we have seen in a while. Adam came down from Va. with his daughter to look it over. Once he saw it he said "lets do some paper work" his daughter said "Daddy, don't you think you should test drive it first"? They did and Adam has his retirement vehicle back in Va. Thanks for making the trip!

Mark & Julie

You talk about a really nice young family...Mark and Julie came by our dealership on the way back from another, really disappointed. The van they went to see "wasn't nice, not as described and the sales folks were rude". After test driving ours and understanding all the extras benefits we provide they wanted to stop looking and drive ours home. Now cruising around Roxboro with full warranty, full tank of gas in a one owner, Carfax guaranteed van! Enjoy guys...you have a lovely family and it was a pleasure helping out!


We don't sell many high mileage vehicles but when we came across this one owner Tahoe we didn't blink. Actually we did, and did a double take. It was in almost new condition so we happily took it in. Cecil agreed, he did a u turn after driving by it and had to see what the price was. 45 minutes later he was driving it back home. His words..."it's in incredible condition"! You would never guess it has 142k miles on it. Thanks Cecil! Enjoy the ride and call us with any needs! 919 957-0156


WOW!!!! 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid providing over 44 miles to the gallon! A Hybrid and it doesn't have to look like an egg! Pete called and ordered this one from the factory thru us. Built with the exact options he wanted and in the color he wanted. If you have 6 weeks to wait on your new car this is the way to go! It's also the most affordable method! Retired and planning on doing some traveling this is the perfect ride for Pete and his wife! Thanks Guys...Enjoy and send back some post cards!


Jordan needed a full size truck to work in and carry the family around. They went over to Raleigh and visited a dealer who they felt treated them rude. As they drove back to Roxboro and by our lot they dreaded another experience like that. After showing them the truck and demonstrating it for them she pulled out her cell phone and showed us our site where it says "We are the Good Guys"! Jordan says "you really are"! Thanks it was fun working with you as well. Enjoy the truck and call for anything! 919 957-1159 Thanks Again!


Michael came by about 2 months ago and drove this 46k mile Chrysler 300. He wanted it but did not have the down payment the bank required. We told him we would do a lay a way and to keep dropping some money off from each pay check until your down payment is complete! He's driving! Super nice individual to work with! Mike you got a great car!

Mr. P

Mr. P needed a truck to help out with work. Nothing too fancy just a work horse that will get the job done. This Chevy Silverado we sold back in the Spring to a young man who wanted to start a landscaping company. That didn't work out so he traded it back in. Only 110k miles on it and less than $5,000 That is a deal! Enjoy Mr. P we look forward to seeing you around town. With any questions please don't hesitate to call on us 919 957-1159


Ester wanted a SUV that had some room, sat up high, got good MPGs and fit her budget. After looking and driving a few she settled on this super clean Escape with Bumper to Bumper warranty! This is also a vehicle that she could pass on to her daughter in a few years? Ester is was fun working with you! Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions? Stay cool and enjoy the ride!


Ashanta and her husband were looking to turn in their old Dodge Intrepid that was just about worn out. Being cautious they didn't want to load up on debt and wanted a gas sipper. Problem is most gas sippers are ugly. Not this super nice Corolla "S" that also offers legendary reliability! They are now cruising around Durham in comfort, safety and with a bumper to bumper warranty! Thanks guys...Enjoy the Ride!


A good friend and fellow Pirate called me wanting the new 2014 Fusion. We couldn't find exactly what Carl wanted in the South East so we ordered it thru the factory. A short 5 weeks later this beauty showed up built for Carl from start to finish in his color with only the equipment he wanted (it's loaded). Thanks Carl for thinking of The Auto Finders! Enjoy the ride!


Nitant found us on craigslist and called about this Camry. It was a one owner from a very good customer of ours. He drove it, had it checked out, drove it some more and then worked us over on price. Being that we were selling it for our customer not much room to talk price. He did get a bumper to bumper warranty, clean Carfax, fully serviced Camry all for less than $5,000. Enjoy Nitant call us with any questions 919 957-0156


John from Hillsborough called and we talked about his ideal car. A Cadillac DTH. We looked 3 states out and nothing with low miles or one that seemed like it was a super clean car. John said "no rush I'm willing to wait on just the right one". Last week at the auto auction we bumped into this super nice, low mileage, one owner DTH. After having it fully serviced John came out looked it over, took it to his mechanic and came back and purchased it. It met every criteria he had and exceeded a few. Some times you just get lucky! Enjoy John and let us know if we can ever help again?


Richard came by on the advise of friends looking for an affordable, reliable, good on gas car. This young man had done his homework! That is always the "Best Customers" to work with! They know realistic prices, reliability, insurance cost, finance options, etc... The picture shows him at the mechanics shop after getting it checked out and saying this one is mine! Thanks Richard call us any time and allow us to keep it clean for you on Free Car Wash Fridays!

Rich & Kayla

Good friends and repeat customers Rich and Kayla just took delivery of this gorgeous 2014 Infinity Q50. Turned in his leased G35 and drove this super sleek luxury ride home. This is the first year of this model and Infinity has gotten it right. All the options you could dream of with performance and handling. Rich drove many different models but came back to the Infinity! Thanks Guys it was fun working with you and call with any needs! 919 957-1159


Brads dad a 8 time repeat buyer traded in this super nice Camry Hybrid for the 2014 model. After thinking it over, knowing the history of the car, Brad came by and bought Dads old car. We sold it to him for zero profit. It's nice that this Hybrid was able to stay in the same family. Over 40 Mpgs and its a Camry? Brad can't go wrong! Thanks Brad, enjoy the ride!


Talk about one of the nicest BMW cars around? This pre owned Certified BMW we delivered to Joe. Now, Joe has owned several BMW cars over his lifetime from 7 series to the SUVs. He drove ours and said "this is one of the tightest pre owned cars I have ever driven" Joe was insistent on bring this one to his mechanic to check out...which we highly encourage. After driving it a second time he said forget that, l am ready to take it home now! Thanks Joe...enjoy and let us keep it clean for you on Free Car Wash Fridays!


Jonathan is one hard worker! He got a break at work and came by to look at this Murano. Liked it, did the paper work, bought it. Problem was he could never get off work to come back and take delivery. Once he did and got it home Mom asked for the keys and he hasn't seen it since! The only time he gets to see either is when she stops by. Well...today we got in another and they could be twins. Calling Jonathan tonight to tell him to get Mom over here for her own! Thanks Jonathan Hope you get to enjoy the Holidays!


Ed came by on the advice of his brother who had purchased a car for his daughter. Ed needed a nice truck for his son. Now Ed actually did our job for us. He found the truck at another dealer and sent us all the specs. We called checked the history, carfax and negotiated another $1000 of the price. So you talk about an easy truck to put together for them. Once the son saw it he had to have it! Enjoy guys and thanks for stopping by and helping out!


A Brand new 2014 BMW Diesel Wagon...just in time for Christmas! Bob and his wife who are (5) time repeat buyers factory ordered this super nice wagon from us. Funny thing is it doesn't sound like a diesel, doesn't smell like a diesel and it doesn't accelerate like a diesel. If you haven't looked into the new diesel technology you are in for a Big Surprise! Enjoy Bob, don't forget to let us keep it clean for you on Free Car Wash Fridays! Merry Christmas!


Adonis had an older SUV with 178k miles on it...it was time for a change. He looked this super nice Mercedes over and left for home. He came back a couple days later thinking it may have been sold? Nope we just moved it across the lot. He drove it again, looked it over very carefully and decided he was ready to buy! We put it on hold and he came back the following day. This is one Happy Customer! Thanks Adonis!


Repeat customer several times over! John needed a full size SUV to get the kids around and provide the wife with a very safe vehicle. So he gave us his specification for a Expedition and we found it locally at a quality dealer! Here is a picture of John and his son getting ready to take off to Raleigh in it. Enjoy John and let us know if the wife has any questions about all that technology? Thanks for thinking of The Auto Finders again!